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About Us

We’re a group of American football players and fans with a huge passion and respect for the sport. Our apparel was born out of the need for unique, high quality rugby products. Since the beginning, we've worked with only the best and most creative designers to come up with apparel that you can wear proudly and cheer for your favorite team. Through our website, we have made supporting your team as easy as clicking a button!

Today, we offer a wide selection of apparel because we want to be your one-stop shop for anything rudgby related. HotChamps grow every day better than the day before, constantly learning what our customers want and delivering it to them. We package and ship each item with care - exactly how we'd do it if we were to send it to a friend.

At HotChamps we offer next level designs for daywear that go beyond just comfort. We’ve taken the ordinary and turned it into an opportunity for honesty and reality-checks. There’s a HotChamps hoodie to fit every mood and every occasion and our message is simple: